Friday, March 31, 2017

Learning to Live a Life of Purpose.

Are you yearning for a more meaningful life?

Can you identify what really matters to you?

Is it time to start living a life of purpose, meaning and fulfillment?

I want to introduce you to my new

You'll learn how to align your thoughts and your actions with your intentions, creating a fulfilling life where you make personal meaning every day.

The Life Purpose Discovery Course is a complete program for changing your life. You will learn what it means to “make meaning” and you’ll get a clear picture of how to translate your values into a life purpose vision that you can put into action immediately.
Creating a more meaningful life is essential for anyone, especially for creative people. If you have creative tendencies then it’s likely your thoughts are ‘all over the place’ and you try to do everything at once. At LPDC you’ll learn how to organize your thoughts and structure your days so you can start living a life that is true to your authentic self.

During the course you’ll be lead through:

– creating meaning opportunities
– upgrading your personality
– dealing with your circumstances
– naming your life purposes
– creating your life purpose statement
– creating your life purpose icon/symbol
– living your life purposes

To learn more and take advantage of the early bird pricing pop over to my site.

Hope to see you there!


Sunday, November 27, 2016

Super sale! Join me in Artists in Action or a 1 to 1 coaching package!

Just a quick post today so you don’t miss out on my huge 50% off sale, this weekend only!
If you have ever wanted to get help, ideas and direction concerning your creativity, now is the time to act. Take advantage of a one off coaching session, a combined package, or the group collective option of Artists in Action (most affordable – yet so much value!)
All you need to do is add coupon code supersale50 at checkout.
Here’s what a recent 1 on 1 client had to say:
“It has been a wonderful mind and heart opening two months for me, Jocelyn guided me in the most gentle way that I understand a little deeper on what issues I need to address and move forward. I truly appreciate her guidance and will take on her advice and great suggestions. Thank you Jocelyn.” Alison Koh – Mettaville
And an Artists in Action participant:
“I feel good about being focused, and reaching my goal for the day. This course is really helping me to eliminate the ‘scattiness’ with which I often approach my creative work! It has been so good for my busy brain and focusing on one thing at a time has REALLY helped!” Linda Stevenson – Linda Stevenson Art & Design
Now’s the perfect time to start planning for a successful 2017! Act now, as the sale ends Sunday 27th midnight. (Purchasing now and scheduling your sessions for 2017 is fine too.)
Here’s to a happy creative life!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Time to get serious about your artlife!

I'm buzzing from just having presented my Webinar "Make Creative Progress Today" Were you there?
I talked about the challenges we, as creatives face on pretty much a daily basis, why we struggle and how to overcome!
I also introduced my viewers to Artists in Action, an online  community where you can
  • explore new avenues of your art
  • create daily to find your consistent style
  • feel safe enough to give things a go
  • develop friendships within a small group environment (up to 12 people)
  • have a stepping stone to get your work out into the world
  • build a portfolio
  • take action when it comes to marketing your work
  • finish what you started
  • be accountable
Oh and I mentioned about having DAILY access to me and my coaching, inside the group.
If you didn't catch the Webinar, you can follow this link and watch the replay. Towards the end, you'll discover that I offered a great discount to viewers and I have decided to extend the offer beyond the 72 hours I mentioned, just as a favor to those that weren't able to see it. 

After you have watched ask yourself these questions:
Are you ready to do what’s important?
Are you ready to start taking your art career seriously and start on the creative road you have always wanted to?
Are you ready to step into living the life you were created for, to explore what gems of talent hide within you?
To share your creativity with the world? To make a difference?
And above all to take action and get it done?
So head over to watch now. Once you are ready you can go to the Artists in Action page to read more and book your spot in the group!
Groups start on Monday the 31st October. 
I can't wait to see you inside,

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Join me on my Webinar for Creatives

I know the struggle.
For many of us, getting to our art each day is hard. Me too! Even though when I'm lost in the process, it feels like heaven on earth. It's just that there seems to be so many other things that need to get done. Deep down I know there is more to it than meets the eye. I know that there's the fear of failure lurking, the whispers in my ear that it won't be good enough, the curse of perfectionism that rears it's ugly head. ... I think we're all plagued with these thoughts at one time or another.
If you could benefit with some tips to get motivated, productive and learn new success strategies, I urge you to register for my upcoming webinar on Thursday 20th October.
I'll walk you through ways to overcome your creative struggles, and you'll have access to a super discount for my accountability groups for creatives "Artists in Action". I would love you to join me - I am confident that you'll leave the webinar feeling uplifted and ready to make a fresh start on your art! Click on the link below for more details and to register and if you know anyone who might benefit, I'd be so grateful if you shared the link with them.

Thanks and don't forget to add the date and time to your calendar. See you on the webinar!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

For the Love of Creative Art Journalling

What a great weekend my students and I have just had, creating our bright and beautiful sketchbooks ready to map our way through life!
I have come away with some very interesting discoveries through this process.

Firstly we are all different! I love how some of us got so absorbed in applying the colour. Such as Helen’s book above. The vibrant colours really show her love of colour. Others were fascinated at their choice of color. They took the opportunity to explore colours they would not normally paint in. I encouraged everyone to see their sketchbook as their practice playground which gives us permission to play, make mistakes, and explore. Without the pressure to produce!

Others enjoyed browsing through magazines to find words or images that resonated with them, sometimes choosing and gluing in things in their books without knowing why. This element of the unknown enables an intuitive trusting that often be comes clear later. Weeks, months or even years later!
Some, who were practicing visual artists, took the opportunity to think about new ways of creating their paintings, using their sketchbook as a springboard for new ideas, subject matters, ways to apply paint and more.
Some were intent on writing. The beauty of using sketchbooks is that they can be used in a way that is tailored to the individual. Some want to journal as a way to process past events. Others use it as a way of planning future events, business growth, bringing dreams into reeality, artwork development and even as a space to vent! The applications are endless.

The emphasis was on curiosity and exploration, a fun way to discover new horizons that could take us in unexpected directions.

Whilst I will be doing more of these and other similar workshops locally, I do plan to put together an online version so as to be able to share this process with more creatives globally. In the meantime if you have any comments, suggestions or questions, let me know in the comments or contact me through my contact form and I’ll get back to you.
I would also be thrilled to offer this process to you in an individual 1 on 1 coaching setting where you would get support from me on all levels, either through online means or in person, depending on your location. Feel free to get in touch with any questions.  IMG_20160731_162537

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Creative Sketchbooks for breakthrough, healing ….and getting messy

I want to talk a little about utilizing sketchbooks to stimulate our creativity, find clarity, and bring about healing. Both writing by hand and using paint and other art techniques increases the creative and imaginative function of the brain. Putting pen to paper sparks creativity, far more so than typing and as a meditative practice, it can lead to insight. Writing in a journal is a meaningful way to reflect on experiences and new ideas or dreams. And pairing that up with colour and artful expression helps us go beyond our rational minds and opens us up to original thinking, creative break though and healing..
If you are like me, with a creative mind you will have a myriad of scattered ideas going on in your head. I use my creative sketchbooks as a home for all those ideas. Everything and anything goes in there whether it be business ideas, dreams for my future, issues I need to deal with or simply my to-do list.
Using creative sketchbooks can also increase our awareness of lurking negative or limiting thoughts. Journaling about this helps clear those thoughts, making way for positive and productive thinking.
Likewise, most of us experience fear in our lives in some form or another. Often it is covered over by things such as procrastination, excuses like being too busy or staying in our comfort zone. Writing down our fears helps us to see them, accept them and let them go.
Having a creative sketchbook to record these things is like a map book for life. We can use it for every area of our life.

On the lighter side if you just plain enjoy paint and getting messy then you will love this process. Forget about the finished product, just enjoy the process, without any self judgement or pressure to ‘do it right’.
If you are keen to give this a go, I am putting on a workshop at my local art gallery in Orewa, Auckland (sorry for those of you who live too far away). It is on the weekend of 30/31 July and you can follow this link to register
If you are not able to attend let me know in the comments below if you are keen for an online workshop. It’s something I’ve been thinking about…..

Friday, November 20, 2015

Beautiful land of Fiji

As promised, some scenery shots of my time in Fiji. I can't help myself when I have a camera in my hand. From sunsets to beaches, fish markets to flowers, I find it all so amazingly beautiful. I hope you enjoy these. You can read more about my trip and what I got up to here.

Oh, and sorry, but this first pic is of Auckland, on the way to the airport for my flight to Fiji.



Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Hope Journey

Getting my feet back down to earth has not been easy. I am just back from my 4th trip over to Fiji where I have had the honor of teaching art in a couple of village schools. As always, I have come back feeling overwhelmed at the love and joy of the Fijian people. Their welcoming spirit made me feel like I belonged, even though it was a fleeting 2 weeks.

The children's laughter and vibrant smiles bring joy to a world with little in the way of material provision, things that most of us take for granted. Their eagerness to learn is incredible. They soak up every word and can hardly contain themselves with excitement as the art making begins. All our art activities revolved around this years theme of  'Hope' and covered art techniques and crafts for the children's ages ranging from 6 to 14 year olds. I hope the following photos gives you some idea of the amazing time I had.

 We taught 'marbling' art using household items of shaving cream and food coloring, and incorporated it into little hope booklets. Something they can keep safe and bring out on days they might be in need of encouragement.

My daughter Rosie introducing the big kids to origami. I had to borrow her from her own class cos I got stuck!

Lily watercolor painting and papercraft

Making lion masks was very popular!

Nimble fingers meant no problem threading wool.

And collaged lions for the older students.

Josephs colorful technicolor coat with ribbon and fabric.

Dreamscapes in pastel 

 A collaborative banner for the classrooms, with artwork of their favorite takeaway from our time with them.

Rosie and her friends,

showing off their newly made bracelets.

 and never having enough of outdoor games.

Flying high...

and into a tree.

 After all that, shoes off to keep the classroom tidy.

 The boys showing off their amazing craft skills with traditional weapons.

My last day with these wonderful girls

and two special friends.

And here is a video that shows off these kids amazing singing. A very special farewell for me.
(sorry I had to lower the resolution in order to post on here)

Look out for my next post showcasing the beautiful surroundings of Fiji. You can sign up to my newsletter here to be notified.

To read about my previous trips to Fiji go here