Thursday, December 16, 2010

Using her talents!

I couldn't resist showing you all my creative little girls efforts in icing our Christmas cake. She wouldn't let me in the kitchen till she was finished. Despite my apprehension, I think she did a great job. Well done Rosie!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Spring cleaning now?

I am wondering if anyone else's organizational skills are similar to mine. If they are, you will let piles build up, not put things back where they came from, keep saying to yourself you really should do something about the mess and generally try to funtion in a state of chaos. Well, now that I have finished work for the year, I am putting my foot down and have decided that my house (and office/studio in particular) are in dire need of a sort/throw out/ organise etc. So many things get ignored during the year, due to busyness, so now is my chance for a spring clean. You may be she crazy? at this time of year? But I am pleased to say that all my Christmas shopping is under control. Just a couple more things that I am making for family and I'm done. Today is the kids last day of school so we are looking forward to a restful (after the spring clean!) break.
I am embarrased to show you but I need to get it out there and off my chest: Below are the before photos and after that, the almost after photo of my office, come studio. I say that because I am not quite there yet, but almost! You may wonder where I do my painting. Well, as I don't have the privilege of a purpose built studio, I share my space with my family, or should I say, they share their space with me! I paint where ever there's a spare surface!