Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fiji Calling

The above picture is of one of my daughters walls in her bedroom. I love the way she has arranged a bunch of little childrens's faces around the map of the world. Anyone guess what her dream is about? Well, she has started out on it already. She is in her second year of training to become a teacher and when finished, hopes to go and use her skills teaching children in third world countries. I know thats kinda scary being her mum and letting go of her, but I am proud of her and admire her for thinking big dreams!

Some of you may remember me posting about my dream and how I ended up on a missions trip to Fiji last year. Well, I am absolutely excited to announce that it is about to happen again. It has taken quite a bit of shuffling and jiggling of all sorts to get it together for this year, so much so that I was unsure if it was going to happen this time round. The first big hiccup was that this year, it does not fall in the school holidays. That is my only time off from work so I very tentatively put in for leave and waited to see if it was okayed. Well, I am pleased to say that I can now tick that one off. Next, our daughter Rosie. Last year my mum very kindly came to stay and look after her whilst we were away. But this year she is unable to. With scool on and all it makes it tricky for her to stay with friends or for my older daughter to lift her and be there before and after school (she is busy with Uni classes). Well, the result is that she is coming with us! Her teachers have agreed that she will probably get more "education" during the two weeks experience away than she will in the classroom. So another tick - yay! Another hurdle that is inevitable is finances. It always looks like a mountain that is too high to climb but the nearer we get, the smaller the mountain seems to get. I guess thats what you call God's provision. Amazingly the airfares this year are a third cheaper than last year so that brings the price down a lot. And with all the fundraising that has been going on for costs over there and art supplies, it has all become quite do-able.

So right now, I am thanking God for opening this up for us once again. I consider it a priviledge to go over there and share art with the children and local village people.Their eagerness to learn and participate is such a joy and to be able to spend time with them and learn from them is incredible. It feels so right - like a perfect fit!

Still another month before we leave, but so much to do in that time, like finalizing the art programme and gathering supplies. All fun and exciting though! I'll keep you posted!