Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Do you have a dream?

I'd like to share with you some exciting happenings I have encountered over the past couple of months. The first was when a group of friends and I sat down together and decided to put our dreams down on paper - a visual representation of the direction we saw ourselves to be heading. It's not something I find myself thinking about much, what with busy schedules and hectic deadlines, it leaves little time for reflective thought. So here I was, with a blank sheet of paper in front of me, wondering what on earth I was going to fll it with. But, you know, when you stop and wait and listen, God reveals things that are buried deep down within you. The desires of your heart that you were not even conciously aware of. I started thinking of my passions, what I love to do and how I would love to share them with others, especially those that would not normally have the opportunuty within their grasp. I started cutting images out of magazines and put together this collage of my dreams.

I want to do art. I want to share it with others. I want to enable those that do not have the opportunity to do art - where ever they may be. I want to point them towards their Creator and for them to know that they are creative beings, made in His image and loved beyond any kind of earthly love they could imagine.
And then about a month ago, an amazing thing happened. Another friend of mine, happened to mention to me that she was looking for some more people to join her and others on a missions trip to Fiji where the focus was to take art into the schools there! Well, my heart started beating fast - I knew this was for me. Teaching children from ages 5 right up to 18, who have never even had the opportunity to hold a paint brush before makes my heart skip! After nervously mentioning it to my husband and expecting a 'no' due to all the obstacles that loomed, I was delighted when he said 'ofcourse, and I'll come with you"! And by the way, all those obstacles are slowly disappearing - things are falling into place and we are well on our way to raising the funds to get there. So forgive me if over the next three weeks, I can't contain myself and get carried away with the excitement of this all. We leave on the 8th of October and will be away for 2 weeks.
Oh, and did I mention that my 19yr old son Jordan has just got back from a missions trip of his own. He went to Fiji too but with a group from the university he attends. And my 18yr old daughter Robyn  is off to spend 2 weeks helping out in a Bolivian orphanage in November. Do I see a pattern here?