Saturday, September 12, 2009

More Paua!

Well, I have been busy making the most of my recent fascination with New Zealand paua shell. This painting is 20" x 20" and what fun it was to make! I started by gessoing the canvas, then random texturing the surface so as to give it some interest. Then I played around, scratching the surface of the gesso to reveal a spiral shape and arranging the paua according to this shape and when I was happy, I adhered it with impasto gel. Then the real fun began, the part where I applied the paint: two variations of blue and green with touches of white, (artist quality acrylics of course - you never know who will be around in a couple of hundred years to enjoy my creation!). Lots of layers of this carry on and then finally a few touches of silver dimensional paint. Now I'm off to give it a coat of satin varnish and hey presto! my New Zealand Paua Spiral Painting is complete! I'd love to hear any comments you have. Be sure to check it out in my Esty shop too.