Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rosie's gift

A couple of weeks ago I had my birthday and I have been wanting to show you the gorgeous gift my daughter (11yrs) made me. Yes, it is the decoupaged wooden cross above which she made as a school project, brought it home and kept out of my sight for a couple of months, waiting patiently for my birthday to arrive. She specially chose pictures that she knew i would love eg, horses, cats, tasteful decor etc. I was blown away, especially with the precious mummy message she wrote on the back. Am I biased or is it really amazing? 
And while we are focused on Rosie, take a look at these cute Christmas origami flowers she has made. She is definitely one for detail and takes such care in her creations. I think she just might be able to make a little pocket money out of them (they're listed in my etsy shop if anyone's interested!) They look great hung on the christmas tree or strung together as a garland!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More Fiji Photos

As promised, here is a selection of some of the scenery photos I took whilst on my Fiji missions trip. I get kind of carried away when I have a camera in my hand, hence the overabundance of coconut palms and beachy shots. I also have a new love: Tropical plants! They are so amazingly beautiful. I hope you enjoy browsing these. To see more photos you can pop over to my Flikr page. To read more about my time in Fiji, you can check out this post.