Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Celebrating Spring!

Yes, its that fresh, beauitiful time of year on my side of the world: SPRING!!!!
And boy, am I celebrating! As you may know, winter is not my favorite season, although it does have its merits if you're cuddled in a blankie in front of a warm fire. But to me Spring is the ultimate time for celebration. I so understand the how the birds get so excited at all the new life and how the blossoms and flowers shout out their joy at making it through another winter. And how can I resist getting out there with my camera? Well, I can't. So here are some pics - some older, some new, for you to enjoy with me. As always, if there are any that don't have links back to my shop, but that you are interested in for prints, cards, pendants or anything else, you can send me a message either through my Etsy shop or through my website.