Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Oak Tree

This post is in response to the photo challenge I set for myself where I asked friends to suggest topics for me to shoot. Well, after much deliberating over all the fantastic ideas they gave me here, I decided to take up the challenge of showing you all what my take on life is, thanks to the suggestion from Elemenopie Designs who will receive a free print from me in return. It may seem kind of strange but I am comparing life to an oak tree! In its beginnings an oak tree starts off as a small acorn, a seemingly insignificant thing, dropped to the ground, maybe trampled, covered over with dirt. but within its makeup, it contains the DNA for amazing things, for huge growth. Even under the harshest conditions, the acorn will start to sprout, sending up it's new branches and sending downwards its strong roots, so that come wind or storm, sun or drought, it will stand strong. As it is nurtured by its Maker, it roots will reach deep and its wide branches will be there for those in need, providing shelter and protection.

So, I believe, it is with life. We too have within us the potential for great things. Some of us get off to a rough start but all of us, without exception, have been given the gift of love. As we send down our strong roots, we are grounded in the knowledge that we are incredibly loved by our Creator, secure in the assurance that come what may, we are rooted and secure on solid ground. And in return, we can offer those around us a safe haven under our branches, to protect, to shelter and to love.So I would once again like to thank Nikki from Elemenopie Designs for this inspiring topic to try and capture! I have had a great time finding the bestest and most magnificent oak tree I could, as well as one that was carrying acorns! If you have a moment, do take the time to pop into Nikki's shop - she has the most cutest little girlie things over there - you won't be sorry you did!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My "workspace"

Well, here goes. In my dreams I have an ideal workspace, a studio, a loft, somewhere just for me. But alas, that is a dream, so here is the reality: I work where I can, when I can.

It may be the office,

it may be the dining room table,

it may even be outside on the deck if the weather is good (my favourite place to paint!)

I figured if I wait for my perfect space I will be missing out on a whole lot of creating! My poor family puts up with me. I seem to leave a trail behind me and more often than not the table is too full of paint and brushes for us to be able to eat at it!

Ok, ok, gently now.... this photos the 'in progress' one!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thank you for an amazing response!

Wow - and I'll say it again, wow! The suggestions you all came up with for my photography challenge below, were incredible. Talk about food for thought! And what a difficult task I have had choosing one! I have spent this past week mulling over them, forming ideas, imagining the finished product and generally getting very excited. It's as if I have just started out on a photography course and you my 'tutors' have set me an assignment!

But... I did promise I would choose one and that I did, after much deliberation. I have decided to go with Elemenopie Designs suggestion: To portray what 'life' means to me. As she says, I can go so many ways with that. You'll have to check back to see what I come up with! So a big congrats to our winner: Elemenopie Designs!
But I have been so impressed and inspired by all of your suggestions that I want to give them all a go! Once I have completed Elemenopie's challenge, I plan to work my way through the rest of the list. Don't hold your breath, as this may take me quite a while but when I do complete any, I will either post it here, or list it in my store (or both) and give the story and 'credits' to whoever gave me the inspiration in the first place.

In the meantime, the pictures I have included here, are ones that were suggested and that I already have on hand. They are not listed in my shop yet so if you are interested in purchasing any, just contact me or leave a note in the comments. Enjoy!

Wrought Iron fence - One of My Saviors ideas

Pure Joy - Thanks to Leah R Hood's idea

Glitterbird Glamour liked the idea of birds - ok, I know that this emu is an oversized bird....I am still searching for my little fantail pic!

LB Toyos loves sunsets!

Leafy ferns - Terra Verde's idea - Lots more to choose from Angela!

Lissie suggested 'Friendship'

Bounty of Beads idea was 'Tranquility'

Lord of the Rings trees - idea from JQ Jewelry - You'd love the Pohutakawa trees in New Zealand, Jill!

Ducks - one of the ideas from LindaBs Jewelry

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Time for a photography challenge!

Have you ever got to the point where you have that "been there, done that" feeling? Well I have decided I need a challenge and it involves you! In the coming week, I want YOU to give me subject matters to photograph! In the comments below give me a challenge to go capture and I will choose the one that is just right. i.e. something I havn't done before, thats a challenge, but that is still feasable. Obviously if one of you optimistically requests a photo of the Himilayas, as much as I would love to go there and snap away, I can't, so thats not going to be chosen! I reserve the right to choose which ever subject matter best suits my desires/whim! And here's the reward! The person whose challenge I take up will get from me: A FREE PRINT OF THE RESULTING PHOTOGRAPH or a print of choice from my shop.
By next Wednesday the 23rd March, providing I have enough response, I will have made up my mind and will post here who the winner is.
I have my camera in hand and I am itching to get going!