Thursday, December 16, 2010

Using her talents!

I couldn't resist showing you all my creative little girls efforts in icing our Christmas cake. She wouldn't let me in the kitchen till she was finished. Despite my apprehension, I think she did a great job. Well done Rosie!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Spring cleaning now?

I am wondering if anyone else's organizational skills are similar to mine. If they are, you will let piles build up, not put things back where they came from, keep saying to yourself you really should do something about the mess and generally try to funtion in a state of chaos. Well, now that I have finished work for the year, I am putting my foot down and have decided that my house (and office/studio in particular) are in dire need of a sort/throw out/ organise etc. So many things get ignored during the year, due to busyness, so now is my chance for a spring clean. You may be she crazy? at this time of year? But I am pleased to say that all my Christmas shopping is under control. Just a couple more things that I am making for family and I'm done. Today is the kids last day of school so we are looking forward to a restful (after the spring clean!) break.
I am embarrased to show you but I need to get it out there and off my chest: Below are the before photos and after that, the almost after photo of my office, come studio. I say that because I am not quite there yet, but almost! You may wonder where I do my painting. Well, as I don't have the privilege of a purpose built studio, I share my space with my family, or should I say, they share their space with me! I paint where ever there's a spare surface!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Christmas blessing

Have you ever spent an evening with a group of special friends doing something that makes you feel like you are the most blessed person in the world? Well I recently went along to a card making session with some friends and had an amazing time. A mutual friend of ours has the most incredible studio full of all sorts of heavenly card making goodies. She treated us like royalty, offering us little kits to make or to just to help ourselves to ANYTHING in her studio, giving tuition where needed. To top it off she provided coffee and muffins for us! She says its a business but really, I think it's a ministry as she fed our souls to the brim!
Above are a few of the cards I made.
I would like to pass on the blessing to others, so I'm giving away two of them! Just leave a comment below to go into the draw.
For one more entry just stop by one of my shops ( or ) and post your favorite item.
For two more entries purchase from either of these shops and note your transaction in the comments.
Remember to leave an email or your shop contact so I can get hold of you incase you win!
Entries close Friday 12th November (my birthday!)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Mist is the next theme for the Aceo challenge that I can't resist taking part in. This time, I'll take the route of photography instead of brush and paint. Do come along and have a look at all the entries. Voting starts on October 24th!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Spring is here!!

This may sound like the wrong way round to many of you, but here in New Zealand we have just come through a long winter and today, the 1st of September, is the first day of Spring. I am so excited! I love Spring. It is like a new awakening, to see the days getting longer, the cold nights getting shorter and the birds and buds all seem to be celebrating the gift of a new day! And to top it all, my daffodils have just started flowering!

Life is such a blessing - I have been inspired to create some colourful friendly, encouraging cards that I hope you will like. Below are a couple of samples.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lucky day for Rosie!

One of my wonderful Etsy friends is amazingly talented! Well , I have been fortunate enough to have a taste of her beautiful craftmanship by winning one of her little creations. Her shop is called LyonsDenCreations and is definitely worth taking a peek at. I have decided to give my prize to my 10 year old daughter Rosie, who is mad about her shop. She has gone to the trouble of finding out what Rosie likes, her favorite colours, etc. And here it is: a teddy in a blue dress with silver trim, eating icing off a cupcake in a lime green wrapper with sprinkles on it! Don't you love it too? LyonDenCreation's work is impeccable - of very high quality and I can highly recommend her!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Come show off for free!

I know that we can all do with a bit of help when it comes to spreading the word about our shops so I have come up with a plan that will benefit us all! It took me a while but I have finally finally figured out how to make a shop button with the html code beneath, thanks to a site called e-how that helped me along the road. If it doesn't work for you, just do a search - there are plenty of places that offer help. So, my idea is that we do a swap. You copy my code (you can find it below my logo on the left sidebar). Go to your blog, customize, layout, add a gadget, and paste my code into HTML/Javascript - then save. It should appear in your sidebar. Send me your code in the comments section here or convo me through my Etsy shop and I will place your button on my blog, for all to see!
And as you may have noticed, I never like to post without a picture, so thought I would introduce you to my latest set of coasters. I love making these and choosing which of my photos would make a good selection. Hope you like them too!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

As you may know, I am always on the lookout for new ways to use my photography, so you can imagine my delight when I discovered a talented Etsy seller, who wanted to use my photos in her shop. I would like to introduce you all to SovereignSea. She works miracles with my photos and has created some beautiful pieces of jewelry. Do come take a look through her shop as she has lots of treasures you are sure to love. And don't forget to heart her - you will want to keep up with her ever-changing inventory!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I've Been Pondering....

It's been a year now since I started this blog and my online Etsy shop, and I have to say it has 'changed my life', as the cliche goes, allbeit in some unexpected ways.
Online selling was a new experience for me. I had previously been selling my paintings and photographs at local exhibitions and by word of mouth. The more I learnt about how Etsy and online selling worked, the more excited I became, dreaming of being able to quit my day job and becoming a self supporting artist. However, as reality set in, I thankfully came to realise that my place on Etsy was not all about making money or becoming a 'business success'. Though I do get a thrill when something sells, it gives me the most pleasure to know that something I created has touched someones heart, kinda like a 'God thing'. Everything I make is prayerfully created and so I wait with patience to see who God brings to my shop. As I use my gifts, my prayer is that my works may be a blessing to others, just as I am blessed in the joy of creating. Wow - what a privilege to be in such a position!
The other surprise blessing I have discovered over the past year are the wonderful people I have met online through Etsy. I hope some day we may meet in person - though I know, I do live so far away! The friendliness, helpfulness and support have blown me away. I have made some wonderful friends that are ready to help and pray at the click of a button!
So as I continue to juggle my days between work and family and housekeeping and creating and the miriad other things that crop up, know that I am so grateful to all of you out there. I have learnt so much and am having the time of my life!
By the way, the two paintings you see are my favorite easter creations. The originals are no longer available but I plan to make these available in card form in time for Easter, so if you are interested, send me a little convo though my shop or comment below so I can list one on specially for you!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just wanted to let all you followers know that a wonderful Etsian, Anna, from AmilieJo has featured me on her blog. I'd love you to go on over and check it out. Also I'm doing a giveaway there so go for it! The above Aceo sized photo is what's up for grabs!