Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I long for summer...

It's winter here. I am hearing some of you saying no - it's the first official day of summer! Well, for the lucky ones, yes, but down under in NZ we are feeling the cold right now. Oh, I do appreciate the change in seasons. Spring with it's pretty blossoms and new life and autumn with the stunning leaf colours and not-quite-so-hot sun. But though I do enjoy being cuddled up inside infront of a warm fire during those cold winter months, the cold is not for me. I long for the summer, when the days get long and I can enjoy warm walks outdoors and swims (I have to be hot for that these days!) at the beach. And so, my inspiration for my latest painting, was to bring the summer back, for just a little bit longer....

Sea Sun Sand

So what is your favorite season?
To enjoy the sea, the sun and the sand during those lovely sunny, summer months?

Spring, with its welcoming promise of new life?

Autumn, with the drawing to a close of those hot days, enjoying the warm browns, reds and greens as the trees shed their leaves?

Winter when its stormy and cold and you are all cozy inside?

Wishing all the "northerners" a wonderful summer!