Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Another year gone!

As Christmas fast approaches and the year is nearing it's end, I tend to go into 'reflective' mode. My 'day job' is over for the year which gives me more time to ponder and wonder what is in store for the year to come. So many people are flat out right now, getting the shopping finished, meals prepared and it's panic, rush, panic, rush all the way! I guess its my personality but when things get that way for me I sort of close down and go into hybernation!

Our Christmas is low key, last weekend we had a meal with my inlaws, as we will be away visiting my brother in the Bay of Islands for Christmas. (Thats about 3 hours north of us in the Northern part of New Zealand). Presents are minimal, my gifts are having my son Jordan back from his studies in the South Island, seeing my daughter Robyn so filled with joy at her recent escapades in Peru and Bolivia, and watching my youngest Rosie delelop her art skills  - (she won high distinction for art at school prizegiving this year! Shameless boasting, I know) Oh, and the nativity set above is a gift Robyn brought back from Bolivia that the girls at the orphanage made. I love it!

So as I look back on the past year, I see some happy times, some sad times, but all of these as blessed times. I do believe that we need to give thanks in all circumstances. For many, we have unanswered questions, but trust is the key. Knowing that God is in control and is leading us though our trials, makes all the difference. I'd like to wish you all a blessed Christmas and heartfelt thanks to my customers who give me yet another reason to create! I thought I'd leave you with a few of my memories and things I am so thankful for.

For my beautiful family, their faith and their love for each other (Jordan and Robyn pictured here right after their baptism at our local beach)

Not forgetting the pooch ofcourse.

For witnessing the coming true of dreams, in both my own and my childrens life
For the priviledge of being free to create
For my amazing trip to Fiji where I was blessed beyond words

For holiday memories
For living on the doorstep of one of the most lovely beaches ever (ok - I am biased)