Thursday, March 4, 2010

I've Been Pondering....

It's been a year now since I started this blog and my online Etsy shop, and I have to say it has 'changed my life', as the cliche goes, allbeit in some unexpected ways.
Online selling was a new experience for me. I had previously been selling my paintings and photographs at local exhibitions and by word of mouth. The more I learnt about how Etsy and online selling worked, the more excited I became, dreaming of being able to quit my day job and becoming a self supporting artist. However, as reality set in, I thankfully came to realise that my place on Etsy was not all about making money or becoming a 'business success'. Though I do get a thrill when something sells, it gives me the most pleasure to know that something I created has touched someones heart, kinda like a 'God thing'. Everything I make is prayerfully created and so I wait with patience to see who God brings to my shop. As I use my gifts, my prayer is that my works may be a blessing to others, just as I am blessed in the joy of creating. Wow - what a privilege to be in such a position!
The other surprise blessing I have discovered over the past year are the wonderful people I have met online through Etsy. I hope some day we may meet in person - though I know, I do live so far away! The friendliness, helpfulness and support have blown me away. I have made some wonderful friends that are ready to help and pray at the click of a button!
So as I continue to juggle my days between work and family and housekeeping and creating and the miriad other things that crop up, know that I am so grateful to all of you out there. I have learnt so much and am having the time of my life!
By the way, the two paintings you see are my favorite easter creations. The originals are no longer available but I plan to make these available in card form in time for Easter, so if you are interested, send me a little convo though my shop or comment below so I can list one on specially for you!