Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Busy but Blessed

Candle holder by Bills Wooden Pleasures

Try as I may to keep life simple and uncluttered, this time of year seems to get the better of me every time. Apart from the fact that time is getting faster (it has to be - I blink my eyes and its just days away from Chirstmas!), I have 2 birthdays, a week apart in the family, the 12th and 19th Dec. Bad planning I tell ya!

This year it was my son's 21st. Although we didn't have a big party, we made the day special for him and he really appreciated the gift I put together for him - a book that included special things from his childhood right  up to now. (Each of my children has a big box that they put special things into, like letters, drawings it involved a lot of scanning!) Here are a few pages:

 For Rosie's 13th birthday dinner, I christened the amazing Secret Santa gift from Bill's Wooden Pleasures. You can see it at the top of this post too. I was so blessed to receive such an awesome gift from them!  It's well worth a visit to their shop to see their other wonderful creations.

If you are wondering about the red plate, that's a tradition of our family. It has a big star on it with the words "You're a star - we appreciate you!" and it gets brought out on any special occasion to honor the person involved.

So even though things get pretty hectic for me, I am truly a blessed mama with so much to be grateful for.

Not least for the amazing friends and customers I have made through my online shop. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and friendship this year and to wish you a beautiful Christmas and a blessed New Year!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Fresh photos from Fiji

As you may know it is just not possible for me to go places and not take my camera along. So, below is just a taste of photos taken on my recent trip to Fiji. To find out what my real reason (not just to take photos!) for going was, check out this post. Keep an eye on my etsy shop as I'll be posting a new calendar soon featuring some of these shots!

Sorry, couldn't help slipping this one in of my Rosie. She finally agreed to wearing a flower in her hair, on the last day, (well, just for the photo actually) but only with a lot of persuasion from mum.