Saturday, September 5, 2015

Visual Journaling

I've been having an amazing time creating pages for my visual journal with the expert tuition of Lisa Sonora and her Dreaming on Paper workshop.  In the past I have always struggled to sit down and write in a journal. I usually have bits of paper all over the place, jotting down things I want to remember or processing a thought I have, but its all been a rather random way to do things, especially as I mislay my notes most of the time!

This way, I get to have fun with paint, whilst at the same time having a central private place to record my ideas or thoughts, or issues I need to deal with. It's been a great way to help my usual scattered feelings and instead have my life gathered in one place. It even makes me feel more organized.

Having the freedom to lay down color any way I choose - in either a planned or haphazard way, without judgement (from myself or anyone else) and knowing that I can add to it with words, images or collage, again without rules, is liberating.

I have been inspired to make a visual journal for a friend of mine who recently lost her husband. I am hoping pages filled with color will help her to write or draw about what needs to get processed as she looks to the days ahead. She can recolor them, add to them, collage them with words, or do what ever she needs to. One thing I know, there is healing in the act of creating, and this is my prayer for her. Below are some of the pages I made, which happened to become a prayerful, meditative and healing time for me too. 

(My comforting friend Jack, who is always nearby.)