Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Ever Evolving Creative Life

I love the way creating is an ever-evolving process. It is never static, never stagnant but always changing. I am sure many of you can testify that the mind of the creative is never without ideas, thoughts of the next project, or just marveling at the limitless nature of art. In fact sometimes I have so many ideas floating around in my head that it drives me crazy and I don't know where to start! That's when I need to take time out and sit quietly, perhaps with my journal and give myself space to think clearly.

When I think back to the beginnings of my Etsy shop, I can see the changes that have evolved. As time has moved on I have got excited about new processes and dropped others as my enthusiasm has changed. One thread that has always been present though is my painting as that informs so much of what I do. I connect my photography to my paintings as I get so inspired by the world that opens up to me through the lens. I take my paintings one step further through my surface pattern design as I digitally twist and tweak what I have created with paint. The possibilities are endless.

The painting above, transformed into the two below surface pattern designs.

With all that said, I wanted to let you know that I will be phasing out my photo pendants in my Etsy shop as I feel they are not the direction I want to be going in at this time. They are up for grabs at 40% off so be quick as once the listings expire I won't be renewing them again. Use coupon code INSTA40 at checkout. Here's the link to my wearable art jewely

A few of my favorites!